1/4 Inch Quick Release Connector - Female
    Specifications: Material: Solid BrassSize: 1/4" Features: Pressure Washer hose Adaptor Coupling 1/4" quick release to BSP 1/4" female. Inlet thread is BSP1/4(G1/4) female. High quality and long service life. Easy to install. Package includes: 1x Pressure Washer Hose AdaptorHigh Quality...
    R 115.00
    1/4 Inch Universal Quick Connect Nozzles - 5 Piece Kit
    Description: Tip Material:  Solid brass/Stainless steel & high quality engineered plastics Jet Distance: 10M Water Pressure: 20MPA Features: - 5 Nozzle Tips. Red: 0 degree straight line of water Yellow: 15 degree fan-shaped water Green: 25 degree fan-shaped water White: 40...
    R 189.00
    3 Piece Medium and Stiff Brush with Drill Attachment
    Features: 【QUICK CLEAN】Transform drill into powerful cleaning scrubber machine. finish cleaning faster. 【3 SHAPE BRUSH】3 Piece shapes and sizes of brushes, suitable for cleaning different places, 360 degree clean stubborn stains. 【APPLICATION】Medium and Stiff Brush perfect for  all purpose use. ...
    R 249.00
    3D I-Cut 513 Compound 946mls
    3D I-Cut is an industrial grade, fast-cutting one-step compound and polish designed for high-volume production shops where speed and efficiency are a top priority. I-Cut is a great solution for quickly removing sand marks with its ability to provide a...
    R 689.95
    5 Spray Tips and Trigger Gun Kit - Karcher K Series
    A quality High pressure Trigger of robust construction with Karcher Quick Connect inlet and 11.6 mm Quick Release Outlet, complete with safety locking feature. This excellent Wash Gun is suitable for use with the Karcher K-Series range using the quick connect...
    R 729.00
    AutoGlym Active Insect Remover 500mls
    AutoGlym Active Insect Remover is an easy to use spot cleaner for all exterior surfaces. Insect remains are not just unsightly, but can be damaging to your paintwork, often leaving a permanent blemish. Active Insect Remover’s rich foam allows any...
    R 189.00
    AutoGlym Autofresh 500mls
    Everyone loves a great-smelling car and with Autofresh you get that every time you open the door. For long-lasting freshness, spray onto your carpets and fabric mats. Size: 500ml   How To Use This Product: Step 1: Apply sparingly to...
    R 179.95
    AutoGlym Bodywork Conditioning Shampoo 500mls
    AutoGlym Bodywork Conditioning Shampoo is a low foam and deep cleaning shampoo with a water-repellent finish for easy rinsing and ongoing protection A clean car is a thing of beauty and it’s easy to achieve with AutoGlym Bodywork Conditioning Shampoo,...
    R 198.95
    AutoGlym Bumper & Trim Gel 325mls
    AutoGlym Bumper & Trim Gel instantly transforms and protects all exterior unpainted plastic and rubber surfaces, returning them to their original deep colour. The unpainted external plastic and rubber surfaces on your car can fade over time from a deep...
    R 229.95
    AutoGlym Car Glass Polish 325ml
    AutoGlym Car Glass Polish is designed to improve the clarity of your windshield to augment driving safety. This simple-to-employ cleaning product eliminates traffic deposits, grime, wax, nicotine, bugs and watermarks from both interior and exterior glass surfaces. Whenever your windows...
    R 179.95
    AutoGlym Engine Cleaner 1L
    AutoGlym Engine Cleaner rapidly cleans engines, components, tools and machinery. Engines are the beating heart at the centre of your car and yet they are often the most neglected area. Cleaning your engine is a lot easier than you might...
    R 239.95
    AutoGlym Fast Glass 500mls
    AutoGlym Fast Glass is a quick cleaner for glass, mirrors, Perspex, acrylic and plastic windows. AutoGlym Fast Glass is a highly effective cleaner, free of abrasives, waxes and silicones which leaves no residues but a crystal clear finish. AutoGlym Fast...
    R 169.95
    AutoGlym Intensive Tar Remover 325mls
    AutoGlym Intensive Tar Remover is a safe, fast-acting solution to remove stubborn tar spots, glue residue, pen marks, oil and fuel stains inside and out. During warm weather the road surface can disintegrate and small specks of tar are flicked...
    R 175.00
    AutoGlym Metal Polish 325ml
     AutoGlym Metal Polish quickly rids brass, copper, stainless steel, chrome, aluminium and unlacquered aluminium alloys of tarnish, leaving behind a gleaming finish. AutoGlym Metal Polish is intended for heavily discoloured metals, this polish restores the surface to its original condition...
    R 279.95
    AutoGlym Odour Eliminator 500mls
    AutoGlym Odour Eliminator contains an active formulation that doesn’t just mask smells it destroys them, breaking down persistent smells such as nicotine, pets, food or can simply be used freshen your interior. Odour Eliminator is a complex chemical formulation that...
    R 219.95
    AutoGlym Polar Blast Foaming Shampoo 2.5L
    AutoGlym Polar Blast Foaming Shampoo is a rich snow foam applied using a pressure washer or foam gun. Polar Blast is a snow foam available in a 2.5 litre which can be applied using a pressure washer or foam gun...
    R 439.95
    Autoglym Polar Seal 1L
    Polar Seal is a protective coating that has been specially formulated for application through a pressure washer with a foam gun. It imparts a hydrophobic layer onto paintwork that causes water to bead on the surface, which reduces the time...
    R 409.95
    Autoglym QuikRefresh 500mls
    Autoglym QuikRefresh Rapidly and effortlessly restores that perfect 'just washed' finish. Autoglym QuikRefresh is designed for use between regular maintenance washing to remove light traffic film, dust and rainfall contamination, refreshing that just washed look in as little as 15...
    R 319.95
    AutoGlym Rapid Aqua Wax 500mls
    AutoGlym Rapid Aqua Wax is the best-kept secret in car care. Autoglyms carnauba-based wax can be applied directly to a wet vehicle straight after washing, giving you a stunning hard wax finish in just a fraction of the time. It...
    R 292.95
    AutoGlym Soft Top Clean & Protect Kit
    AutoGlym Soft Top Clean & Protect Kit has everything you need to clean and protect fabric convertible soft top hoods. Regularly cleaning your soft top will keep green algae at bay and its original colour looking vibrant. Our Convertible Soft...
    R 709.95
    Autoglym Ultimate ScreenWash 500mls
    A highly concentrated formula that when used neat remains effective and unfrozen at -45°C.A high performing screenwash ensures a clear screen in all weather and driving conditions. Ultimate Screenwash is the perfect choice for all vehicle and wash jet types,...
    R 155.00
    AutoGlym Vinyl & Rubber Care 500mls
    AutoGlym Vinyl & Rubber Care restores original surface colour and provides a clear protective coating to dashboards and other interior plastic and rubber components. Just like paintwork, your interior needs protecting too. Over time the sun can fade, dry and...
    R 205.00
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    Backing Plates (1" to 6")
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    Backing Plates (1" to 6")
    Product Description: Professional Dual Action Random Orbital Sanding Pad.Size: 5" and 6" x 5/16" x 24" ThreadMax Operating Speed: 12000 RPM Features: Leaves a smooth finish on flat surfaces Stable backing pad for general grinding work Quick and easy installation...
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    Bennet Read/Ingco Cannon Pro Connector
      MJJC pro connectors for the Bennet Read/Ingco High Pressure Washers
    R 139.00
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