Rotary Polisher Extension Shaft Set - Thread: 5/8"
    Features: High-quality Stainless Steel makes these shafts rust resistant & will provide years of service.    Size: 50mm, 80mm,120mm, you can pick up the suitable one as you need, or besides, these polisher extensions can be interconnected with each other,...
    R 419.95
    Maxshine Detailing Drill Straight Extended Accessory
    Feature: Heavy duty: The drill brush extension adapter is made of high-quality materials that are chemical resistant and won’t corrode after using with aggressive cleaners. Extended cleaning power: Remove dust, dirt debris and grime from hard to reach areas on...
    R 139.00
    Protective Cover for 12V Mini Polishing Machine
    The protective cover is specially designed for SPTA 12V micro cordless polisher. In order to prevent the head of the machine from being worn out, SPTA specially designed a protective cover, which is made of engineering plastics and has a...
    R 79.00
    Extension Rods (M14) with backing plates (1, 2 & 3 Inch)
    Extension Rods (M14) with backing plates: 1 Inch Backing Plate 2 Inch Backing Plate 3 Inch Backing Plate 3 Extension rods (3 Sizes) for Rotary machine with M14 thread. 
    R 572.70
    Extension Rods (Short+Long) For 12V Mini Polisher
    The material of this extension rod is stainless steel and is machined with high precision. Concentric coaxial balance processing, high speed without shaking when rotating. General M6 screws, specially designed for our 12V Mini Polishing Machine. Extension Shafts for 12V...
    R 129.00
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