Detailing Brush Set (5 Piece)
    Always a handy tool to get into those air vents, grills & gentle cleaning around exterior badges. Great to clean those hard to reach areas such as brake calipers & lug nuts. Fine detailing brushes for safe interior and exterior...
    R 249.00
    Ultra-Soft Detailing Brush
    The brush is made of rayon, which is very soft and suitable for cleaning the most delicate interior surfaces.  The must-have tool if you're cleaning ultra-soft delicate finishes such as piano-black trim & instrument clusters. The handle adopts an ergonomic...
    R 139.00
    MaxShine Premium Boar Hair Interior & Exterior Detailing Brush
    Features: Use with a All-Purpose Cleaner otherwise with a specific cleaner of your choice 100% Boar's Hair bristles Safe on badges and plastics on paint Ergonomic designed non-slip handle for the perfect grip. Easy to use and safe on all...
    R 98.95
    Fender Well Brush
    Long thin brush makes fender wells easy to clean! The Fender Well Brush's non-slip handle gives great grip in unique positions. Firm bristles cut through dirt with ease. Notorious for collecting road grime, fender wells can be difficult to clean...
    R 198.00
    Air Conditioner & Interior Cleaning Brush
    Air conditioner vent cleaning brush Soft Bristles to effectively clean interior surfaces Washable microfibre fins
    R 49.95
    Multi-Functional Car Cleaning Brush
    Specially for automotive exterior cleaning. This Multi-Functional Car Cleaning Brush has many uses from serving as a wheel brush to brushing soiled carpets. The non-slip handle fits comfortably in the palm of your hand & makes the brush a pleasure to...
    R 139.00
    Magic Eraser
    The secret behind these types of erasers is a material commonly called melamine foam. Melamine foam erasers are formed differently from other cleaning products and only need water to effectively clean most stains -- no chemical cleaners or soaps required. Melamine foam...
    R 44.95
    Sold Out
    Wheel & Grill Cleaning Brush (small)
    Clean hard-to-reach wheel rim surfaces with this chemical-resistant Wheel & Grill Cleaning & Detailing Brush featuring a single hooped center surrounded by tough bristles & a comfortable handle. If your alloys are going to their job & improve the look of...
    R 159.00
    Wheel Face Brush - Short
    This Wheel & Rim Brush is perfect for detailing your ride! Scrub the dirt away & bring your wheels back to the way they looked the day they were put on your car. It has an ergonomic design, preferred by...
    R 149.00
    Maxshine M8 Drill Carpet Detailing Brush - 4 inch
    Features: MaxShine M8 Drill Carpet Detailing Brush, the premium brush with drill attachment professionally removes and scrubs grimes, stains, spots from all kinds of upholstery or carpet in leather and fabric material. Drill attachment is easy to operate, Polyamide makes...
    R 149.95
    Wheel Barrel Brush (large)
    With a conventional construction, it has a single hooped center surrounded by tough bristles, strong enough to cope with hard work but still able to get into our wheel’s narrow spokes. Fitted with a knuckle guard, it's best at cleaning...
    R 289.00
    Maxshine Pet Hair Car Carpet Brush
    Remove even the most persistent hair with this cat and dog hair brush. It’s easy-to-use and extremely effective in cleaning even the most difficult of embedded pet hair! Features: 1. Unique soft blade gathers short, embedded fur with ease. 2. Durable for...
    R 198.00
    Tyre Cleaning Brush
    High quality materials Convenient car cleaning tool, easy to operate Suitable for all kinds of vehicle's wheels or tyres & other cleaning & maintenance equipment Can also be used to clean car floors, cars pedals, household tile grout, etc. Can be...
    R 109.00
    Upholstery and Carpet Pad Brush - Short Bristle - DA & ROTARY
    Upholstery and Carpet Brush with Hook & Loop backing to attached to a ROTARY or DA polisher. Remove the hassle of scrubbing carpets & upholstery & use this brush to quickly & effectively clean seats, mats, roof linings & much more. ...
    R 198.00
    Maxshine M8 Drill Carpet Detailing Brush - 2 Inch
    Features: MaxShine M8 Drill Carpet Detailing Brush, the premium brush with drill attachment professionally removes and scrubs grimes, stains, spots from all kinds of upholstery or carpet in leather and fabric material. Drill attachment is easy to operate, Polyamide makes...
    R 129.95
    Pet Hair Removal Brush
    Features: Safe for all surfaces including leather, will not scratch or scuff. Ideal for removing pet hair, lint and dust from clothing, upholstery, carpets, and rugs. Made from 100 percent natural rubber, very durable. Size: 12 cm long Weight: 109g...
    R 179.00
    NANO Leather Brush
    The NANO Leather Brush is used for cleaning interior leather parts of the car such as dashboard, door panels, & seats. It's advanced design is easy to operate & wash. The NANO Leather Brush is also suitable for house cleaning, floors, windows, glass, kitchens, etc....
    R 95.00
    3 Piece Medium and Stiff Brush with Drill Attachment
    Features: 【QUICK CLEAN】Transform drill into powerful cleaning scrubber machine. finish cleaning faster. 【3 SHAPE BRUSH】3 Piece shapes and sizes of brushes, suitable for cleaning different places, 360 degree clean stubborn stains. 【APPLICATION】Medium and Stiff Brush perfect for  all purpose use. ...
    R 219.95
    Maxshine Detailing Swabs (10 Pack)
    Maxshine Detailing Swabs includes five different designs with either foam or microfiber tips, varying handle lengths, and unique head shapes. Best used on car outlets, radiator, air conditioner, speakers, fans, wipers, logos, and more! Conveniently removes dust and dirt in...
    R 79.00
    Sold Out
    Engine Bay Detailing Brush
    Instructions Spray your favorite all-purpose cleaner or degreaser on the contaminated areas and into the brush bristles, then agitate the dirt, grease, and grime out from the surface with the detailing brush. Cleaning and Maintenance After using the brush, please rinse...
    R 129.00
    Sold Out
    Polishing Pad Conditioning Brush
    Clean pads will cut better and last longer Brushes easily scrub residue and dirt from foam, microfiber, and wool polishing pads Clean and condition any buffing and polishing pad Rugged plastic handle lasts for years of comfortable use Tough construction...
    R 139.00
    Micro Cleaning Brush
    Effectively washes the narrow places and corners of tyres. Specially designed for automotive exterior cleaning. High quality PP brush head hairs, the bristles are more varied and thick. Handle has non-slip material, making the product easy to use. A durable...
    R 69.00
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