AutoGlym Fast Glass 500mls
    AutoGlym Fast Glass is a quick cleaner for glass, mirrors, Perspex, acrylic and plastic windows. AutoGlym Fast Glass is a highly effective cleaner, free of abrasives, waxes and silicones which leaves no residues but a crystal clear finish. AutoGlym Fast...
    R 159.95
    AutoGlym Glass Polish 500mls
    AutoGlym Car Glass Polish is specifically designed to enhance visibility through your windshield, ensuring safer driving. This deep-cleaning cream ensures crystal-clear vision both inside and outside of your vehicle. This highly effective and user-friendly polish effectively eliminates traffic film, grease,...
    R 269.00
    Autoglym Ultimate ScreenWash 500mls
    A highly concentrated formula that when used neat remains effective and unfrozen at -45°C.A high performing screenwash ensures a clear screen in all weather and driving conditions. Ultimate Screenwash is the perfect choice for all vehicle and wash jet types,...
    R 155.00
    Carways Glass Cleaner Concentrate 5L
    Concentrate with a 10:1 dilution ratio. Leaves glass crystal clear and bright, inside and out. Safe to use on window tint and safety film. Also ideal for cleaning electronic equipment, including satnav screens, instrument cluster screens smart phones, audio visual...
    R 559.00
    Detail Ease Pro Coat - Streak Free Glass Cleaner
    Pro Coat is safe and easy to use on all glass, tinted windows, mirrored surfaces, and chrome trim, keeping them cleaner for longer. Pro Coat is formulated to provide streak-free glass with less effort! This powerful formula cuts through dirt,...
    R 249.95
    Maniac Line Glass Cleaner 500mls
    Maniac Line Glass Cleaner & Degreaser   Maniac Line Glass Cleaner & Degreaser is a degreaser for glass which, thanks to Zero Streaks Technology ™, dries quickly without leaving streaks or stains. The product is safe on previously applied glass...
    R 195.00
    Maniac Line Water Spot Mineral Remover 500mls
    Water spot Mineral Remover from Mafra 's Maniac Line ™ is a specific decontaminant for removing limescale stains from car surfaces. Ideal as a window cleaning before the application of an anti-rain or nano glass sealant treatment. The product is ready to use, easy to use and non-abrasive,  and...
    R 332.35
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    MaxShine Glass Polishing Pads Twin Pack
    The Glass Polishing Pad made of wool is convenient to use: Hook & Loop attachment system makes the pad easy to use withholding securely and providing quick pad alteration Functional: Soft Woolen Felt achieves the effect of anti-vibration, is non-corrosive...
    R 161.95
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    MaxShine Waffle Weave Glass Towel 60 x 90cm - SINGLE
    The huge MaxShine Waffle Glass Cleaning Towel is an ideal solution for car window cleaning with the high-quality, ultra-soft microfiber material, and white color-coded for a reminder of use specific to car windows or glass, preventing cross-contamination. It is lint-free...
    R 179.95
    Nasiol Glasshield Nano Rain Repellent Kit - 2yr
    Nasiol Glasshield - Best Rain Repellent Spray for Windshields Rain repellent spray for cars for safe driving in rainy conditions with 2 years of effective nano-coating. Glasshield glass treatment also protects your car’s windscreen and mirror with easy clean and stain-free effects. Safe...
    R 337.00
    SOFT99 Fukupika Anti-Fog Gel
    Soft99 Fukupika Anti-Fog Gel uses an Easy to use formula - a cleaning & anti-fog coating all in one simple step. Compatible with UV & IR blocking coatings! How to use the product: Turn the spray nozzle to (ON). Without shaking,...
    R 189.00 R 129.00
    Soft99 Glass Refresh
    R 209.95 R 120.00
    Soft99 Glass Refresh
    How to use the product 1. Remove dust and dirt beforehand. Dry glass. Shake Soft99 Glass Refresh well and apply liquid directly to the glass, or onto the included sponge. 2. Polish firmly with the sponge. 3. Rinse off any residue...
    R 209.95 R 120.00
    Turtle Wax Dash & Glass Cleaner 500mls
    Don’t worry about overspray, 1-step to superior cleaning For glass, dash, tech screens & more! Award-winning technology Directions for use: Spray Turtle Wax Dash & Glass Cleaner onto one or more surfaces and wipe dry. For best results, clean glass...
    R 224.00 R 190.40
    3D Glass Polish - Cerium Oxide 436mls
    If you're looking for a way to restore the transparency and clarity of your car's glass surfaces, 3D Glass Polish is the perfect solution. Our cerium-oxide based formula is designed to effectively remove unsightly swirls, scratches, wiper marks, and water...
    R 859.00
    Mafra Glass Cleaner & Degreaser 500ml
      Mafra Glass Cleaner & Degreaser 500ml is a powerful and effective tool for eliminating and preventing grease build-up on any type of glass, including tinted windows. The signature foam clings to vertical surfaces, eliminating potential dripping. Strong dirt and...
    R 115.00
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