Grit Guard Universal Pad Washer
    The Grit Guard Universal Pad Washer uses the power of your polisher to clean & dry your pads. You don‚Äôt have to scrub and scrape ‚Äď just let the polisher do the work for you. Insert the pad into the...
    R 989.00
    MaxShine Handheld Dryer
    Maxshine Handheld Dryer may be light and compact, but it packs a big punch. Ensure proper drying of intricate areas like grilles, motorcycle details, badges, door and mirror crevices, etc. Ideal for safely and easily drying every bit of a...
    R 1,849.95
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    MJJC Bucket Accessory
    Bucket Accessory For Holding Detailing Brushes and Wash Mitts, that hooks at the side of Car Wash Bucket. Reminder: The price for the Wash Mitt Holder only. The Semi-transparent Bucket is not included.
    R 179.95
    MaxShine Wheel Cover 4pce
    Maxshine Wheel Cover ‚Äď 4pcs/pack Stop weather damage to your wheels. Maxshine‚Äôs PU coated wheel covers are waterproof and made of durable material to protect from all kinds of weather. Keep them free from dirt while storing. These covers¬†also protect...
    R 498.00
    Maxshine Measuring Cup Transparent 100ml
    Maxshine Measuring Cups allow you to safely decant products from larger quantities to smaller bottles. These measuring cups are extremely useful if you are a professional detailer or valeter and you order products in bulk sizes. When you come to...
    R 29.95
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    MaxShine Flow-Thru Wash Brush
    Feature:  1.2m to 2.3m scratch-free scrub brush with a lightweight extension pole  Flow-thru handle extends up to 2.3m  Comfort TPR grip with thumb-controlled valves.  Stainless steel connector fitting provides a tight and secure water connection  Designed for cars, trucks, SUVs...
    R 698.95
    Maxshine Foam Pad Brush and Pad Removal Tool
    Maxshine Foam Pad Cleaning Brush and Pad Removal Tool features an innovative wedge on one end and a brush with semi-stiff nylon bristles on the other. This handy tool can fit into a pocket or belt for quick access during...
    R 189.95
    MaxShine Dressing Applicator
    Dress your trim, not your hands!¬†Get even coverage with¬†MaxShine‚Äôs¬†Dressing¬†&¬†Protectant¬†Applicator. ¬†Featuring¬†soft, dense foam these applicator gets you ideal coating for tire shine, interior and exterior dressings, and other protectants. Keep your hands mess‚Äďfree with the protective grip,¬†ergonomically¬†designed for optimum comfort. The...
    R 114.95
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    Chassis/Under-Carriage Washing Trolley
    This¬†Chassis Washing Trolley features 4 high-pressure nozzles providing rapid under-carriage cleaning. The undercarriage-pressure cleaning trolley attaches to a quick-connect capable wand with ease just like a spray nozzle(1/4'' quick-connect fittingÔľČ. the under-carriage trolley comes with two pressure washer extension wands....
    R 2,100.00
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    Maxshine Rolling Bucket Dolly - Single - Green
    Maxshine Rolling Bucket Dolly The Rolling Bucket Dolly has a 360 Degree Swiveling set of wheels and allows you to speed up the washing process while increasing mobility and efficiency! Features: 2 Spaces for 500ml/1L Bottles Bottles Equipped with 3 Locking Screws...
    R 859.00
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    Maxshine Modular Detailing Creeper
    Maxshine Modular Detailing Creeper ¬† Features: Lightweight and durable from the polyethylene body and steel frame construction 2‚ÄĚ& 4‚ÄĚ(total 8pcs) casters for easy maneuverability Side trays, bottle holders, and storage drawer to keep tools close at hand Converts to a...
    R 1,998.00
    Contoured Tyre & Trim Applicator
    Crescent shape poly-foam sponge used for applying tyre protectants and dressings. No more messy application of your tyre gel, with the specifically contoured design, you will neatly apply your favourite tyre gel or trim gel, without any mess. These are the absolute...
    R 24.95
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    Grit Guard - Red
    The Grit Guard Insert is a radial grid that sits in the bottom of the wash bucket. Possibly the most essential part of any car enthusiasts cleaning tools.  The Grit Guard stabilizes the wash water in the bottom of your...
    R 179.00
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    Ceelac 5-IN-1 Vehicle Interior Protection Kit
    Features: Can be used to cover & protect the most handled parts of a cars interior. Ideal for protecting the vehicle’s interior from dirt, grease & oil while servicing, valeting or when body shop work is done. Suitable for most cars...
    R 24.95
    Maxshine Detailing Swabs (10 Pack)
    Maxshine Detailing Swabs includes five different designs with either foam or microfiber tips, varying handle lengths, and unique head shapes. Best used on car outlets, radiator, air conditioner, speakers, fans, wipers, logos, and more! Conveniently removes dust and dirt in...
    R 79.00
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    Maxshine Foam Polishing Cone - Drill Attachment
    The tapered design of the Maxshine Foam Polishing Cone makes polishing curved surfaces OR tight areas a breeze.  perfect for reaching narrow and tiny areas E.G. alloy wheels, exhaust tips etc Attaches to your drill. Great ability to remove scratches, swirls,...
    R 115.00
    Microfiber Applicator Pad
    Microfiber Applicator Pads They are ideal for applying waxes, sealants, glazes, dressings, coatings & more. Features: Portable & compact with pockets Ideal choice for car, home & boat Offers the best polishing action for your vehicle Gives your car the professional...
    R 39.95
    Foam Wax Applicator Pad
    Foam Wax Applicators are the most inexpensive product you can buy, but inarguably the best for applying paint sealants & waxes. Put it this way, if you are spending valuable time & money on the car your pride & joy, the last thing you want...
    R 16.95
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    MAXSHINE HANDHELD MICROFIBER WAX APPLICATOR PAD are Soft and Absorbent: Made with high-density foam for ultimate softness, absorbency, and longevity. Scratch Free: These premium wax applicator pads are precisely stitched to ensure that the edges never touch the surface of...
    R 159.95
    Ceramic Coating Applicator Pad
    The pores are exquisite, the liquid crystal absorbs less, and the excess liquid will not be wasted Flexible, light weight, good  density, full of elasticity, easy to move and wipe, highly durable, allowing you to use it flexibly and switch...
    R 19.95
    MaxShine Measure Cup
    MAXSHINE'S NEW AND EASY WAY OF PRECISELY MEASURING CONCENTRATED LIQUIDS FOR DILUTION. This quick and easy-to-use measuring device can be simply screwed to any 28mm threaded bottle. The measurement list is in ml and oz, and the scale is accurate. When...
    R 169.95
    SOFT99 MAXWASH Extension Sponge
    Featuring ‚ÄúSuspension Holes‚ÄĚ, this satisfyingly efficient sponge balances its large size with a novel structure that reduces weight and increases flexibility. All this combines to make washing your large vehicle into a remarkably pleasant activity! Suitable for use on coated...
    R 298.00 R 220.00
    MaxShine Lambs Wool Ultra-Soft Duster
    MaxShine Lambswool duster is perfect for removing light dust from a clean, garaged vehicle before a show. Much more intelligently designed than its competition, the lambswool duster safely removes dust by relying on a static charge rather than scratch-inducing friction....
    R 198.00
    In-Line Filter For Pressure Washers
    Our In-line connects to pressure washer inlet, standard garden hose and home water spigot. It is essential to filter out sediment or debris coming from your tap into your hose feeding your pressure washer . This in-line filter protects from...
    R 89.00
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