MJJC Pro V2.0 - Karcher Connector
    MJJC Foam Cannon Pro (V2) is a new generation Snow Foam Cannon, powered by MJJC's new generation foam technology. It is stronger and creates more snow foam that's thicker using less shampoo, even with smaller pressure washers! It has a better...
    R 789.00
    Ultra Soft Microfiber Wash Mitt - Blue
    Ultra Soft Microfiber Wash Mitt/glove is soft and comfortable with good, strong water absorption. Will not leave any scratches in the surface of your car. Use less water and soap. Easy to wash and dry. It is very economical. Material: Microfiber...
    R 169.00
    Detailing Brush Set (5 Piece)
    Always a handy tool to get into those air vents, grills & gentle cleaning around exterior badges. Great to clean those hard to reach areas such as brake calipers & lug nuts. Fine detailing brushes for safe interior and exterior...
    R 249.00
    Grit Guard - Red
    The Grit Guard Insert is a radial grid that sits in the bottom of the wash bucket. Possibly the most essential part of any car enthusiasts cleaning tools.  The Grit Guard stabilizes the wash water in the bottom of your...
    R 179.00
    Twisted Loop Drying Towel (600GSM)
    With dual twisted loop sizes maximize the surface area of the towel and not only increase absorbency,  but also ensures that water can be completely removed from the vehicle surface with a single sweep!  The Twisted Warp Knit pattern makes...
    R 149.00
    Shield Snow Foam 1L
    Rich concentrated dense foam Streak free pH balanced Dense foam clings to loosen dirt & grime Safe for all paint surfaces Available in 1 litre(s) and 3 litre(s) Shield Snow Foam
    R 98.95
    Ultra-Soft Detailing Brush
    The brush is made of rayon, which is very soft and suitable for cleaning the most delicate interior surfaces.  The must-have tool if you're cleaning ultra-soft delicate finishes such as piano-black trim & instrument clusters. The handle adopts an ergonomic...
    R 139.00
    MaxShine Microfiber Edgeless Utility Towels 260GSM (10 PACK)
    MaxShine 30cm x 30cm Edgeless Utility Towels offer high-value durability and absorption for minimal cost, allowing you to utilize them without the guilt of ruining high-value towels. The 30cm x 30cm edgeless towels are ultrasonically cut to achieve the softest...
    R 159.00
    R 1,779.90 R 1,579.90
    MJJC Pro V2.0 -1/4 Inch Quick Connector
    MJJC Foam Cannon Pro (V2) is a new generation Snow Foam Cannon, powered by MJJC's new generation foam technology. It is stronger and creates more snow foam that's thicker using less shampoo, even with smaller pressure washers! It has a better...
    R 789.00
    Maxshine Cutting – Foam Pads 5 Inch
    Efficient cutting for that difficult oxidation & deep paint scratches & imperfections.  Prime quality foam pad, washable and reusable. Velcro backing - change pads in seconds. Suitable for use with Heavy Cut & Cutting Compounds Maxshine 5 Inch Cutting Foam...
    R 149.95
    Fender Well Brush
    Long thin brush makes fender wells easy to clean! The Fender Well Brush's non-slip handle gives great grip in unique positions. Firm bristles cut through dirt with ease. Notorious for collecting road grime, fender wells can be difficult to clean...
    R 198.00
    MaxShine Premium Boar Hair Interior & Exterior Detailing Brush
    Features: Use with a All-Purpose Cleaner otherwise with a specific cleaner of your choice 100% Boar's Hair bristles Safe on badges and plastics on paint Ergonomic designed non-slip handle for the perfect grip. Easy to use and safe on all...
    R 98.95
    Contoured Tyre & Trim Applicator
    Crescent shape poly-foam sponge used for applying tyre protectants and dressings. No more messy application of your tyre gel, with the specifically contoured design, you will neatly apply your favourite tyre gel or trim gel, without any mess. These are the absolute...
    R 19.95
    M22 Connector with 1/4 inch Quick-Connect - 15mm internal diameter
    1/4 inch Quick Release Connection  For MJJC Pro Connector Foam Cannon S 1/4" Quick Release Connector  NOT for Foam Cannon Classic and Light  Just for MJJC Foam Cannon S and Foam Cannon Pro   Quick Connect Adaptor for MJJC Pro...
    R 139.00
    Maxshine - Microfiber Cutting Pad 5 Inch
    Professionally removes heavy swirl marks, scratches and chemical oxidation Functions are applicable to rotary and dual-action polishers Performs best with cutting compounds Microfibre system allows the enthusiast to correct even the toughest of defects  Microfibre cutting pad is a new...
    R 169.00
    Maxshine Detailing Fine Grade Clay Bar - 3pcs/pack
    STRONG CLEANING POWER: Deeply eligible to clean and remove surface contaminants like tree sap mist, bug residue, tar, rail dust, and other stubborn dirt.  CONVENIENT: We highly recommend pairing our clay bars with Shield Professional Instant Detailer/Clay Lube, but when you are...
    R 159.00
    Turtle Wax Professional Hyperfoam 1l
    Turtle Wax Professional Hyperfoam Shampoo is a High Cleaning PH Neutral Shampoo which creates snow-like foam resulting in a gloss finish. Features of Turtle Wax Professional Hyperfoam: High foaming formula. pH neutral for safe cleaning. Active foam encapsulates traffic film, greases, oils...
    R 165.00
    MaxShine 400GSM 35cm x 35cm Waffle Weave Glass Microfiber Towel- 3 PACK
    Features: Waffle weave construction, premium soft microfiber, extra hand feel Extremely durable, ability to withstand hundreds of washing, getting softer with each use Scratch-free, lint-free and swirl-free, strong decontamination, high water absorption Premium professional microfiber glass, window, mirror, and chrome...
    R 159.95
    MaxShine 330GSM 40cm x 40cm All Purpose Microfiber Towel (5 Pack)
    MaxShine Microfiber Towels offer high-level shine results under any heavy task. Reusable and machine washable. Eco-friendly. Brilliant for cleaning car exteriors or for removing grimes and dirt from interiors. Features: Premium soft microfiber, extra hand feel Scratch-free, lint-free and swirl-free...
    R 189.95
    Turtle Wax Redline Wheel Cleaner 500ml
    Non-acidic pH neutral formulation Works on contact no hard brushing required Safe for all alloys, decals and wheel nuts STEP 1 Wheels should be cool to the touch. If the vehicle was recently driven, rinse wheels first with cool water....
    R 215.00
    Maxshine Finishing – Foam Pads 6 Inch
    Functions are applicable to rotary and dual-action polishers and DA Backing Plate Washable, reusable, eco-friendly, and suitable to apply polishes, waxes & sealants Scientifically designed to use with a finishing compound. High-quality imported foam material offers the best detailing experience for...
    R 159.95
    Sold Out
    Grit Guard Universal Pad Washer
    The Grit Guard Universal Pad Washer uses the power of your polisher to clean & dry your pads. You don’t have to scrub and scrape – just let the polisher do the work for you. Insert the pad into the...
    R 989.00
    Shield Professional Instant Detailer/Clay Lube (SP7) 750mls
    Shield Professional SP7 Instant Detailer leaves a silky smooth finish & shine. Loosened particles are safely lifted away without scratching delicate paint surfaces including clear coats.  Shield Professional SP7 Instant Detailer is also ideal as a high gloss detailing spray...
    R 84.95
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