3D ACA 510 Cutting Compound 510 - 946ML
    This precisely engineered compound delivers TRUE PAINT PERFECTION in the absolute shortest amount of time. 3D ACA 510® X-TRA CUT COMPOUND water-based formula is extremely versatile. 3D ACA® 510 is aggressive enough to correct the hardest new ceramic clear coats and also works...
    R 798.00
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    Glissen Generate Medium Cut Compound 1kg
    Directions: Shake bottle well before use Add approximately 3-5 grams of compound onto any compounding pad Spread the compound evenly on the surface before switching on the polishing machine Run the machine at 1800 - 2500 RPM's Work product until...
    R 458.00
    Glissen N1TRO Single Stage Compound 1KG
    Directions: Add approximately 2-3mls of compound onto a finishing foam pad spread the compound evenly around the surface using the foam pad before starting up the machine Start the machine at a low speed, then increase gradually Move the machine...
    R 688.00
    Menzerna Super Heavy Cut Compound 300
    This high-performance is miles ahead when it comes to sanding mark removal. The perfect automotive polish for the removal of deep scratches. Alongside optimum polishing performance, it also makes the vehicle detailing and painting process healthier and more pleasant. This...
    R 750.00
    Shield Quick Cut Compound 1 litre (SP6)
    Removes P1500-P2000 sanding marks, medium oxidisation & other blemishes quickly and effectively Silicone & wax free Contains no fillers SH689 – 1 litre VolumeSP6 – Quick Cutting Compoud
    R 179.00
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