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    Over time, road contaminants & UV cause headlight lenses to deteriorate & become foggy or even yellow.

    Not only does this look dirty, it also affects the quality of light given out. Because it occurs gradually, it may go unnoticed, but a reduction in light quality adversely affects visibility & can lead to accidents.

    Soft99 LIGHT ONE Headlight Restoration Kit not only brings back clarity & shine to hazy or yellowed headlights & other plastic parts, but also adds a hard topcoat to protect your lenses from dirt & UV radiation for up to 6 months.

    Soft99 LIGHT ONE Headlight Restoration Kit includes Base Cleaner Compound, Hard Topcoat, a cloth & an applicator sponge.

    How to use the product:

    1. First, wash & dry the headlights.
    2. Shake the bottle of Base Cleaner well & apply to one side of the included cloth. Spread around evenly & polish the deteriorated areas until it is clear.
    3. When finished, wipe off the Base Cleaner with the clean side of the cloth.
    4. Shake the bottle of Hard Topcoat well, apply to the included sponge & spread around evenly.
    5. After about 1 minute of drying, spread around again with the opposite side of the sponge, to smooth out any unevenness.

    Note: Do not touch or wet for 24 hours after application. Full hardening occurs within 4 days. The coating must be applied with the included sponge. Do not reuse sponges.

    Soft99 LIGHT ONE Headlight Restoration Kit restores clarity & shine to faded & yellow headlights. Over time, road contaminants & UV-rays cause headlights to become foggy or even yellow.


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