Soft99 Engine Bay Wipes (10 Pack)
    Soft99 Engine Bay Wipes are very durable & absorbent which allows for more efficient absorption of unwanted residue, oily dirt and prevents grime from re-adhering.  How to use the product 1. Be sure that the engine stops and the engine bay has...
    R 94.95
    SOFT99 Fabric Seat Cleaner - FREE BRUSH
    The comprehensive cleaning process for cloth material surfaces! New Fabric Cleaner will effectively deal with all sorts of stains and odours on your car's fabric upholstery. As a truly versatile product, it can be used as a cleaning agent that's...
    R 239.00 R 150.00
    SOFT99 Fukupika Anti-Fog Gel
    Soft99 Fukupika Anti-Fog Gel uses an Easy to use formula - a cleaning & anti-fog coating all in one simple step. Compatible with UV & IR blocking coatings! How to use the product: Turn the spray nozzle to (ON). Without shaking,...
    R 189.00 R 129.00
    SOFT99 Fukupika Bugs & Droppings Removal Wipes
    SOFT99 Fukupika Bugs & Droppings Removal wipes are formulated especially to easily remove such contamination & save your paintwork before the contamination becomes hard & damage on your vehicle's clear coat. No petroleum-based solvents are used in this formulation. How...
    R 94.95
    SOFT99 FUSSO Coat F7
    FUSSO COAT F7's Hydrophobic properties last up to 7 months & the newly formulated polymer creates an impermeable coating on the surface that is MUCH more durable than conventional products. Easy to buff off & prevents staining compared to conventional solid...
    R 319.00
    SOFT99 G'ZOX Sticker Remover
    An effective solution that will deal with any unwanted sticker or glue residue on your car! Its safe formula dissolves glue and makes it easy to remove it from the surface without scrubbing or scratching. Save your time and make...
    R 164.95 R 95.00
    Soft99 Glass Refresh
    How to use the product 1. Remove dust and dirt beforehand. Dry glass. Shake Soft99 Glass Refresh well and apply liquid directly to the glass, or onto the included sponge. 2. Polish firmly with the sponge. 3. Rinse off any residue...
    R 209.95
    SOFT99 Leather Barrier
    Soft99 Leather Barrier protects your leather upholstery from spillages & stains. The water-based formulation is safe for human contact & has no unpleasant petrochemical smell. One bottle will treat up 20 seats. How to use the product: * Before use...
    R 349.00 R 249.00
    SOFT99 LIGHT ONE - Headlight restoration kit
    Over time, road contaminants & UV cause headlight lenses to deteriorate & become foggy or even yellow. Not only does this look dirty, it also affects the quality of light given out. Because it occurs gradually, it may go unnoticed,...
    R 298.00 R 208.60
    SOFT99 MAXWASH Extension Sponge
    Featuring “Suspension Holes”, this satisfyingly efficient sponge balances its large size with a novel structure that reduces weight and increases flexibility. All this combines to make washing your large vehicle into a remarkably pleasant activity! Suitable for use on coated...
    R 369.00
    Soft99 Nano Headlight Coating
    Soft99 Nano Headlight Coating works great on motorcycle windshields, front and rear lights, turn signal covers, helmet visors. Restore your car's transparent parts' smoothness and transparency, and protect them with a strong coating that'll improve your driving and riding safety...
    R 279.00 R 179.00
    Soft99 Refresh Cleaner For Coated Cars 180mls
    Soft99 Refresh Cleaner is  a mild detergent removes stains and water marks, while leaving a silicone polymer layer to repair any damaged areas of the coating, and to produce great gloss and water-repellency. This product is a pH-neutral, water-based system, which is...
    R 259.00 R 169.00
    SOFT99 Rubber & Plastic Restoration Serum
    Soft99 Rubber & Plastic Restoration Serum uses a unique coating liquid that penetrates into the surface of the plastic & polymerizes to form a flexible 'like-new' appearance, making it suitable for restoring both hard plastic & soft rubber! How to use...
    R 269.00 R 189.00
    SOFT99 Shampoo For Ceramic Coated Cars - EXTRA GOLD - FREE WASH SPONGE
    Soft99 Shampoo For Ceramic Coated Cars is a gentle formulation that also incorporates a dynamic repair resin to patch up mild damage to the coating, leaving the surface smooth & glossy after use, not to mention water-repellent & protected! The...
    R 195.00
    Soft99 Ultimate Tyre WAX
    Nothing restores faded black parts like SOFT99 Ultimate Tyre WAX! Non-glossy and naturally black, this product restores the black pigment broken down by stress and UV, to revitalize stained or faded tires and trim. Once you use Soft99 Ultimate Tyre WAX, you...
    R 289.00 R 187.85
    SOFT99 Wash Mist - Interior Detailer
    Simply spray Soft99 Wash Mist on soiled area & wipe to remove finger oil, cigarette stains, dust & dirt on the interior of your vehicle. It kills bacteria & has an odour elimination effect. How to use the product: Cleaning...
    R 189.00
    Soft99 Wheel Cleaning Wipes (10 Pack)
    Just a simple wipe with Soft99 Wheel Cleaning Wipes gets rid of brake dust, oil, and other residues. Unlike spray-type cleaners, you have full control, so there is no overspray leading to drying difficulties. An abrasive-free formula gently cleanses your...
    R 94.95
    SOFT99 Wheel Wash Mitt
    The Soft99 Wheel Wash Mitt highly flexible microfiber wash mitt is light & soft & allows easy & free movement of your hands to enable thorough but quick & gentle washing of wheels. The inside is lined with mesh, to prevent...
    R 179.00 R 109.00
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