Glissen N1TRO Single Stage Compound 1KG

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    1. Add approximately 2-3mls of compound onto a finishing foam pad

    2. spread the compound evenly around the surface using the foam pad before starting up the machine

    3. Start the machine at a low speed, then increase gradually

    4. Move the machine in one direction, with a 50% overlap repeat in the opposite direction

    5. Wipe/buff with a clean microfiber towel/cloth

    Product Features/Advantages/Benefits:

    • Single-stage compound that permanently removes sanding marks, swirl marks as well as enhances the gloss.

    • Easy to clean and wipe compound

    • Quickly and effortlessly removes P1500 sanding marks and finer scratches on fully painted and freshly cured 2k, MS, HS, UHS or scratch resistant paint

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