Turtle Wax Pro Dash & Glass Interior Detailer 5Lt

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    Turtle Wax Dash & Glass Interior Detailer is an advanced, highly effective multi-purpose cleaner for every washable surface in the interior of your car or truck. When sprayed, the foaming cleaner adheres even to vertical surfaces, so it makes a great car window cleaner.

    Just spray and wipe for streak-free, sparkling-clean glass, plastics, leather seats, dashboards, door panels…wherever! This 2016 Product of the Year* is the ideal all-in-one interior detailer, replacing multiple products such as a windshield cleaner, a car touchscreen cleaner and a leather upholstery cleaner.


    For best results use neat, do not dilute with water.



    STEP 1

    Shake bottle well. Spray onto a soft clean cloth or directly into surface.

    STEP 2

    Work in well until surfaces are evenly covered.

    STEP 3

    Buff lightly with a second, clean cloth.

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