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    This pro wash car wash will blanket your vehicle in a thick, silky layer of foam to deep clean exterior surfaces while limiting contact with abrasive soils and contaminants.

    Our pH-neutral formula is infused with advanced, Slick & Slide polymers that glide effortlessly over the clear coat to prevent scratches and swirls. Use this versatile car wash as a bucket wash, foam spray or even a clay bar lubricant! With so many incredible functions, this multitasker is a must-have in your detailing arsenal.


    How To Use:


    STEP 1

    For best results, avoid using this product in direct sunlight.

    STEP 2

    Start by rinsing your vehicle from top to bottom to remove any loose soils or contaminants.


    Add 30-60mls of PRO Pure Wash to a 10L wash bucket. Fill bucket using a strong stream of water to create a thick foam. Wash your vehicle from top to bottom, then rinse thoroughly and towel dry.


    Mix 60ml of PRO Pure Wash with approximately 400ml of warm water and mix well. Apply foam to one10cm x 10cm panel of your car and use a microfiber wash mitt to agitate stains and stubborn soils. Rinse thoroughly and towel dry. Continue washing your vehicle, one panel at a time, starting from the roof of your car and working your way down.


    Mix 60mls of PRO Pure Wash with approximately 400mls of warm water and mix well. Apply foam to your car from top to bottom. Wipe the clay over the clear coat in light, back-and-forth passes, one panel at a time. Rinse your mitt regularly in a bucket of clean water. Continue wiping clay mitt over the clear coat until you have decontaminated the entire clear coat. Rinse your vehicle thoroughly and towel dry.

    Turtle Wax Hybrid Solutions Pure Wash Pro is a pH-neutral car wash for painted surfaces; breaks down tough stains, soils and grime without stripping away wax, sealants or coatings.

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