Turtle Wax
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    Clear your shelf of countless automotive cleaners, protectants, conditioners and deodorisers; Hybrid Solutions Ceramic + Graphene Inside Job is here to replace them all!

    This incredible car interior cleaner spray cleans and protects all the washable surfaces inside your car, including plastic, leather and rubber. Natural enzymes safely remove tough stains and grime, Odor-X chemistry eliminates unpleasant smells and odours and our tropical fragrance leaves behind a fresh, floral scent, all in one easy step.

    We’ve infused advanced ceramic and graphene polymers into the formula to repel dust and protect your car interior from harmful UV rays. This powerful combination boosts the clarity and shine of your interior and keeps your car looking showroom fresh for longer.
    Lastly, aloe vera and conditioning oils treat the plastic and leather surfaces that take a beating from exposure to harsh, UV rays, keeping these surfaces soft and supple and adding a smooth, natural sheen


    • All-in-one interior detailer spray cleans, protects, conditions and deodorises
    surfaces inside your car
    • Cutting-edge ceramic and graphene formula provides durable, long-lasting
    • Conditions leather, vinyl, rubber and plastics with a pH-balanced blend of
    aloe vera and natural oils.


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