Replacement Lance For Karcher K Series - Long (Plus 5 Spray Tips)

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    R 499.00
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    • Fits: Karcher K1-K7

    • Tip Material: Solid brass/Stainless steel & high quality engineered plastics

    • Body Material: stainless steel + copper parts + high quality engineered plastics

    • Jet Distance: 10M

    • Water Pressure: 20MPA

    • Size: 580x30x20mm

    • Type: 1/4"


    - Equipped with a plastic rubber sleeve, the nozzle tips can be quickly replaced and it is not easy to lose.

    - 1/4 quick insert fan nozzle + 5 Nozzle Tips.

    • Red: 0 degree straight line of water

    • Yellow: 15 degree fan-shaped water

    • Green: 25 degree fan-shaped water

    • White: 40 degree fan-shaped water

    • Black: large fan foam nozzle

    Package Includes:

    1 x Spray Wand

    5 x Nozzle Tips

    Long Replacement Lance Nozzle with 5 piece quick-release nozzle tips For Karcher K1-K7 pressure washers!

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