Replacement Lance for 1/4 Inch Quick Connections - Short (Plus 5 Spray Tips)

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    If your pressure washer is still working, but you broke the spray water lance, or you want to order an alternative water spray lance, this is the perfect one for you. it is light, short, and convenient to use. and most importantly, it works even better than your original water lance.


    - Equipped with a plastic rubber sleeve, the nozzle tips can be quickly replaced and it is not easy to lose.
    - 1/4 quick insert fan nozzle + 5 Nozzle Tips.
    • Red: 0 degree straight line of water
    • Yellow: 15 degree fan-shaped water
    • Green: 25 degree fan-shaped water
    • White: 40 degree fan-shaped water
    • Black: large fan foam nozzle

    Package Includes:

    1 x Short Spray Wand - 1/4" Quick Connect
    5 x Spray Nozzle Tips
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