MaxShine Duo Twisted Loop Drying Towel 60x90cm - 1200gsm

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    MaxShine Duo Twisted Loop Towel is engineered specifically to optimize drying results. Featuring a unique twist-loop material on both sides of the towel, drying is made more efficient with minimal effort for perfect results.

    This towel boasts a remarkable 1200g/m² thickness, offering superior absorption and making car-drying a breeze. Enjoy a superior drying experience with MaxShine Duo Twisted Loop Towel.


    • Big Enough to Dry the Entire Car – The giant purple car microfiber towel is large enough to dry your entire vehicle in a single run. Save time and money when drying your car
    • Rinse-Free Experience – The giant purple car towel is able to absorb every single drop of water on your car. You won’t have to stop to rinse your microfiber drying towel anymore. 
    • Lint and Swirl Free – Windows are left crystal clear without any lint, streaks, and swirls from drying your car. Our Microfiber towels for cars will pick up all those particles in a single swipe.
    • Extra thick and Plush – This ultra-thick microfiber towel is easy on your car’s surface and surprisingly easy to pull and move around with minimal drag. The twisted loop design reduces surface tension.
    • Effortlessly Dry the Top of Your Car – No more missing the middle part of your car when drying. Easily swing the microfiber towel over your head and past that notoriously hard-to-reach area.

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