Nasiol PPF Guard - 2yr

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    PPF Guard gives hydrophobic, UV resistance and easy-to clean properties to film-coated surface without spoiling the physical properties of glossy, matte, and satin surfaces.

    Nasiol PPF Guard prevents color fading caused by the sun's UV-rays and does not cause any change in the structure of films with self-healing features.


    • Ensures UV and chemical resistance for paint protection films.

    • Up to 18-months of durability.

    • Super finish with high hydrophobicity.

    • No blocking self-healing effect of PPF.

    • Recommended for professional detailers.


    Nasiol PPFGuard is applicable to paint protection films (PPF) including matte & transparent polyurethane (PU), high-quality PVC films, vinyl.

    Do not apply the product on finishes including low-quality PPF, PPF w/ bubbles, absorbent surfaces, temporary road films, interior window tints, any film without resistance to solvents.



    • For best results, ensure that the environment where the application will take place is as close as possible to the recommended levels of temperature and humidity (23°C and 50% relative humidity)

    • Apply in a shaded area

    • Only apply to surfaces that are not too cold or warm

    • Wash your vehicle thoroughly and gently. If necessary, should the PPF surface is suitable, polishing treatments can be applied using silicone-free products.

    • Dry the vehicle thoroughly to prevent water drops on the surface during application.

    • Eliminate any dust and dirt on the surface before application using Nasiol Clean. Ensure that the surface has thoroughly dried.

    • Partition the application area visually or with masking tape. Do not work on a partition larger than 1 m² at a time.

    • Overlapping edges of partitions do not cause issues during application.

    • Shake the product gently before use. Carefully remove the cap. Place the small suede cloth on the block applicator, and apply the necessary amount of product (depending on the size of the application area) onto the cloth. Recap the bottle in order to prevent air contact. Using the suede cloth, spread the product throughout the surface in horizontal and vertical movements.

    • Using the enclosed microfiber cloth, carefully wipe any excess product off the surface within 30 – 60 seconds. Avoid causing swirls during this step. You can use a lighting system to ensure there is no product residue left on the surface. Following the application of the first layer, wait for 60 minutes, then repeat the steps for the second layer.

    • Throughout the curing time, keep the coated surface away from direct sunlight, excessive dust, water, and other contaminants. For the first 48 hours, do not wash the surface with shampoo or detergents. The vehicle can be taken outdoors 24 hours after the application.

    Nasiol PPF Guard is a flexible nano-coating product that increases the performance of paint protection films, protects the applied surface against various factors and extends the life of the surface.

    It is applied in 2 layers and the waiting time between coats is very short.




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