Menzerna Heavy Cut Compound 400 1L

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    The advanced compound for automotive clear coats - with a newly enhanced formula - consistently creates a polished effect. As the preferred polish of detailers, it efficiently removes sanding marks, eliminates car scratches, and produces a glossy finish. Utilizing innovative polishing techniques with diminishing abrasives.

    Utilizing the latest polishing technology with dividing polishing grit, this innovative cut compound for automotive clear coats effectively removes sanding marks in a timely manner. Achieve a dazzling finish with just one process step.

    Surface condition: Elimination of scratches, wash marks, and friction marks, as well as holograms and spray.

    Polishing result: Achieves a perfect surface with a radiant gloss on bright paints.

     Polishing tool: Suitable for use with lambs wool, hard pads, and medium pads.

    Benefits: Provides both polishing and gloss in a single step, saving users time with its efficient one-step process. This silicone-free formula delivers a high level of gloss with a

    cut/gloss ratio of 8/8.


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