Maxshine Triangle Pet Hair Removal Brush

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    Remove even the most persistent hair with this cat and dog hair brush. It’s easy-to-use and extremely effective in cleaning even the most difficult of embedded pet hair!


    1. Unique soft blade gathers short, embedded fur with ease.

    2. Durable for a lifetime of use.

    3. Works with car detailing, couches, and even cat trees.

    4. Easy-To-Clean Reusable Rubber Brush.

    5. Just use light soap and water, and your detailing brush will be ready to use whenever you need it again!



    Color: Red ABS+Black Silicone

    Maxshine Mini Pet Hair brush’s powerful cleaning blade removes stubbornly trapped pet hair from carpets and fabrics with minimal effort. Use for car details, home cleaning, and removing lint and hair from clothing.

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