Maxshine Car Wash Kit

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    R 729.95
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    Maxshine Car Wash Kit includes all the essential parts you will need for your car wash work: different types of towels for washing, deep cleaning, and drying, brushes, mitts, and pad to complete your job done easily.

    Maxshine Detailing Bucket Kit Includes :
    1pc 13L Bucket with Lid
    1pc Chenille Wash Mitt
    1pc Wheel Cleaning Brush 
    1pc Tyre Cleaning Brush
    1pc Synthetic Wool Wash Pad
    2pcs 40x40cm Buffing Towel 600gsm
    2pcs 40x40cm Interior Towel 330gsm
    2pcs 40x40cm Yellow Drying Towel 380gsm
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