Maxshine 1" Foam Polishing Kit - Rotary

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    • SPECIAL DESIGN: Maxshine 1" Ultimate Car Care Foam Polishing Pad Kit designed for cleaning small areas where normal pads usually can't reach.

    • OPTIONS: The kit provides options for you with a variety of polishing pads, all these pads package in one kit.

    • HIGH QUALITY: All the products from this kit are the top products of Maxshine, made of high-quality materials.


    MaxShine 1" Ultimate Car Care Foam Polishing Pad Kit includes:

    1x 1" Plate Backing Pad with M14 thread

    1x 40mm Wool Pad

    1x 33x15mm Green Cutting Foam Pad

    1x 33x15mm Yellow Polishing Foam Pad

    1x 33x15mm White Finishing Foam Pad

    MaxShine Ultimate Car Care Foam Polishing Pad Kit will provide you with a small size backing plate, foam pads, wool pads in one package that will make your small area polishing a breeze!

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