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    -Be sure to use the product on cold surfaces and not exposed to the sun;
    -Do not use on brake calipers if they are not painted, the active ingredient of the product may damage them;
    -Do not dilute more than 1:1.


    How to use:

    -For the decontamination of circles: apply the pure product on the surface to be treated. Leave for about 3/4 minutes and perform a mechanical action with a soft bristle brush to remove dirt in depth. Rinse with plenty of water and dry with a microfibre cloth.
    -For the decontamination of the bodywork: after washing and drying the car dispense the product on the surface. Leave for 3/5 minutes and rinse thoroughly.


    -For a maintenance decontaminating action: use the diluted product 1:1 (1 part of product and 1 part of water) once every three washes.


    Iron Remover by Mafra Maniac Line is a product that cleans and decontaminates, permanently eliminating ferrous contaminations from surfaces such as bodywork, glass and car rims. 

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