Knockout Iron Remover 1L - Liquid Clay

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    KnockOut is the perfect decontamination companion!

    A must-have car cleaning product; not only is it an anti-fallout wheel cleaner but it’s also suitable to use on vehicle paintwork to remove that stubburn-embedded fallout.

    The pH-neutral formula removes brake dust & ferrous particles & turns purple, indicating that the product is at work on the fallout.

    How To Use:

    • Always work in a well-ventilated area.

    • Do not use the product in direct sunlight.

    • Wear gloves when using this product.

    • Work on cool surfaces to avoid pre-mature drying of the product.

    1) Spray across the wheel surface and in all hard-to-reach places.
    2) Let the specialist anti-fallout technology work for 3-5 minutes.
    3) Watch as it changes from a colourless solution to a vibrant red as the specialist formula begins to break down contaminants. - For heavy contamination, agitate with a detailing brush.
    4) Rinse off excess product. 


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