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    The Detail Ease Refresh - Scented Interior Detailer is expertly formulated to efficiently and effectively eliminate sticky build-up, dust, smudges, and dirt from commonly touched surfaces. It's the top choice for maintaining a clean and polished interior.

    Detail Ease Refresh is your go-to solution for keeping your car's interior clean and fresh. Our specially formulated cleaner provides a non-greasy, matte finish for various surfaces including leather, dashboards, and touch screens. Say goodbye to dust and grime and enjoy a scented clean with our interior detailer.

    This product proficiently eliminates sticky deposits, minor dust, fingerprints, smudges, and grime. Enhanced with anti-static components that continuously prevent additional dust accumulation. Includes odor-neutralizing properties and boasts a refined, distinct aroma.

    As Easy As:

    • Spray directly onto a microfiber cloth. 

    • Wipe until the surface is clean and even in appearance.

    • Remove any excess with a separate, dry microfiber cloth. 

    • For maintenance, use Refresh Interior Detailer after every vehicle wash or as frequently as desired.

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