Indasa Rhynowet Sheets Waterpaper P3000

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    Indasa Rhynowet Plus-Line Wet & Dry Sanding Paper. From Indasa the Rhynowet Wet & Dry Abrasive Sheets are anti-slip waterproof paper which may be folded and cut to any size, with high flexibility with high cut power and quality finishing. Used for the sanding and finishing of primers, paints and lacquers.



    • High flexibility

    • Adaptable to curves & contoured surfaces

    • Uniformity of scratch pattern

    • Optimum substrate preparation

    • Anti-slip

    • Easy to sand

    • Use with water

    • Smooth finish sanding

    Substrates Suggestions

    • Old paint

    • Primers

    • Top Coats

    • Clear Coats

    • Fibre Glass

    • Gel Coat

    Waterproof sanding
    Optimal surface preparation
    Micro surfacing
    Anti-slip and high flexibility
    Dimensions Per Sheet: 230mm x 280mm




    Indasa Plus Line Rhynowet Abrasives feature a waterproof, anti-slip latex backing made of light weight yet durable backing papers. The result is an abrasive sheet that offers both high flexibility and high quality finish.

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