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    Graphene Ceramic Bathe is designed to offer long-lasting protection and a hydrophobic finish with graphene ceramic technology, all in one wash. Perfect for both coated and non-coated vehicles, Bathe utilizes advanced ceramic coating for enhanced water-beading effects that can last for at least 30 days. It's the ideal solution for revitalizing your ceramic coating.

    Formulated with a blend of citrus-based degreasers and gentle soaps, our Ceramic Shampoo creates a lubricated wash that effectively eliminates road films, dirt, and grime without damaging your vehicle's paint. Perfect for use with foam cannons, foam guns, pump sprayers, or wash buckets, this concentrated formula is a top choice for professional car detailing.

    As Easy As:
    For use in your foam cannon, foam gun, pump sprayer, or wash bucket.

    - Boost & Maintain Your Existing Coating
    - The Best PPF Bathe
    - Safe On All Surfaces
    - Satisfaction Guaranteed 

    Utilize Graphene Ceramic to create a long-lasting barrier for excellent safeguarding, a dazzling shine, and superior water repellency.

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