Detail Ease Ceramic Nano Guard - Quick Detailer

    Detail Ease
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    Ceramic Nano Guard works to clean, seal and protect the paint for the long term, thus making the surface very slick, hydrophobic, and UV protected.

    A super easy to use, advanced ceramic quick detailer and paint sealant. Ceramic Nano Guard is a waterless wash that shines and protects your vehicle in minutes, giving it a deep long-lasting glossy finish. The infusion of Si02 and Nanotechnology gives your vehicle an insane hydrophobic water beading layer that can last for up to 3 months. Perfect for paint, chrome, plastic, glass, metal, and protection film.

    • Adds an extreme gloss, shine, and depth to paint

    • Super-hydrophobic water beading properties

    • Quick and easy sprayable ceramic coating

    • Safe to use on all solid surfaces

    • 300ml Bottle

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