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    Our Back To Black Plastic Revive is a guaranteed solution to restore black plastic trimmings to their original condition.

    Our expertly developed solution effectively penetrates deep into porous plastic, providing a lasting, rich black color. With thorough cleaning and application of the Back to Black solution, your plastic will now withstand harsh elements and repel water and dust for a guaranteed 6 months.

    Utilizing a unique waterproofing agent, Back to Black maintains its deep black color even after months of exposure to washing and the elements.

    It's as easy as... Clean, Coat, Let Dry, and Buff!!!

    - Easy Application
    - Each Treatment Lasts Several Months
    - Expel Water & Dust
    - Revive All Black Trim
    - Formulated With UV Protector

    Tip - Make sure to clean plastic with our Trim Prep or All Purpose Cleaner before applying Back to Black for Best Results!!

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