AutoGlym Wheel Protector 300ml

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    R 349.95
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    Discover the future of wheel care with AutoGlym Wheel Protector 300ml. Its super-hydrophobic and durable formula creates a barrier against brake dust, keeping your wheels cleaner for longer.

    Brake dust can ruin the shine of your wheels and cause damage if left unattended. In collaboration with our motorsport partners, we have created the perfect solution to eliminate this frustrating issue.

    Recommended in the 2015 Auto Express wheel sealant test group.

    Commended in the 2016 Auto Express wheel sealant test group.

    Take the 50/50 challenge: Try Wheel Protector on half of your driver’s side wheel to see the difference over the coming weeks.

    Before you start:

    This is an easy to use spray sealant, but to work effectively it needs time to dry. After applying do not touch or buff the wheel surface, drive the car or allow the wheels to get wet until the coating has fully dried.

    If you are using Instant Tyre Dressing, apply it before Wheel Protector and remove any overspray.

    Size: 300ml

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