1.1mm Replacement Orifice

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    1. Why do the 1.1mm and 1.25mm nozzles look the same?

    The 1.1mm and 1.25mm nozzles look exactly the same, except for the size of the holes—1.1mm and 1.25mm. The openings are very small, so the size difference can be difficult to notice with the naked eye.

    2. Why doesn’t my foam lance (foam cannon) create thicker foam as others do?

    The foaming performance depends on not only the foam lance but also the pressure and output rate of your power washer, as well as your car wash shampoo (soap). A foam lance will produce thicker foam with concentrated shampoo (soap), but most brands of shampoo (soap) are not concentrated, even from some of the best-selling brands.

    3. Does this spare nozzle screw work with other brands of foam lances (foam cannons)?

    No, this nozzle screw is specially designed for MJJC foam lances only.

    4. Does the MJJC Foam Cannon come with an extra 1.1mm orifice?

    Yes, every MJJC foam cannon comes with one extra, free 1.1mm orifice as a spare. The original orifice installed on the foam cannon measures 1.25mm.

    This Foam Cannon Orifice is a Nozzle Screw Jet for foam cannons (foam lances). Before buying this item, make sure your foam lance is purchased from or branded as MJJC, as it might not work correctly on other branded foam lances.

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