Shield Express Car Wash High Foam Shampoo 20L

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    Shield Express Car Wash High Foam Shampoo uses a specially designed pH-neutral formula that does not strip previously applied protective coatings.

    Shield Express Car Wash High Foam Shampoo does not contain any additives, so this pure shampoo is perfect for the automotive enthusiast.


    1) Work in a cool shaded area, preferably on cooled-down paint panels.

    2) Add the shampoo to your wash bucket containing a Grit Guard. Ratio of 40:1

    3) Vigorously agitate the water by hand or pressure lance to activate the thick suds.

    4) Wash your vehicle from top to bottom using an Ultra-Plush Wash Mitt or a G3 Premium Wash Mitt.

    5) Rinse thoroughly & Dry using a Twisted Loop Microfibre Drying Towel or a Waffle Weave Drying Towel.

    Shield Express Car Wash High Foam Shampoo's thick formula creates a generous foam that clings to the paint surface for increased cleaning.

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