Micro Cleaning Brush

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    R 69.00
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    • Effectively washes the narrow places and corners of tyres.

    • Specially designed for automotive exterior cleaning.

    • High quality PP brush head hairs, the bristles are more varied and thick.

    • Handle has non-slip material, making the product easy to use.

    • A durable brush that makes cleaning practical and with high precision.

    Package Includes:
    1 x Micro Tyre Cleaning Brush

    Your tyres & wheels takes more punishment than you can imagine, more than any other component or part on your car & are exposed to harsh climates, mud, dirt & even metallic discharge from your braking system. So why not pay extra attention when cleaning them, making it look bright and shiny! We've got you covered with the Micro Tyre Cleaning Brush, invented for this reason.

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