Clay Mitt - General Medium Grade (for all kinds of paint)

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    The Clay Mitt (General Medium Grade) smooths your paint by removing bonded contaminants that leave the surface rough & gritty feeling. Use the Clay Mitt before waxing or polishing to create a clean foundation for the protective coating to adhere. The Clay Mitt removes contaminants like bug splatter, industrial fallout, paint over-spray, rail dust, tree sap & other harmful contaminants that will wreak havoc if not properly removed. The Clay Mitt is a must before every detail.

    • The smoother your vehicle's paint, the longer your wax, sealant, or ceramic coating will last. The Clay Mitt goes a step further than washing, by mechanically abrading the bonded contaminants so they can be wiped (or rinsed) off the surface. The secret to the effectiveness of the Clay Mitt is the rubberized polymer coating on one side of the mitt. This high-tech coating shaves off bonded contaminants without dulling or scratching the finish.

    • The Clay Mitt has a soft neoprene inner lining for comfort & the outer is made of microfiber with one side containing the 'claying' polymer surface which can be used as you wash, or with your favourite Quick Detailer.

    • This Medium Grade Clay Mitt is also ideal for older or heavily contaminated vehicles.

    NB. Please be aware that as with ANY claying product, surface marring may occur depending on usage & paint condition or softness.

    This Detailing Clay Mitt with a General Medium Cleaning Grade, is used on all kinds of paint and colour.

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